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Paul Luttrell
Pastor Emeritus

Pastor Paul D. Luttrell was voted in as pastor of Gospel Baptist Church in 1983. His ministry as pastor spanned more than four decades. His faithfulness to preach and teach the truths of the Bible remained the pinnacle of his ministry. His philosophy of ministry was always "Love God, love people, preach the word, and let God give the increase." Beyond the pulpit, his compassion to counsel and to visit provided comfort and encouragement to the congregation and their families

However, his ministry was more than just that of being a pastor. With Karen and his family at his side, he led in the evangelism of children in many ways, including Children's Bible Ministry, which used a bus to take the Gospel message to low-income communities around Greensboro. He also led Vacation Bible School, both at Gospel Baptist and at several area churches for many years. It was in these settings that his skills in "Gospel Magic" and puppets were woven in with the presentation of the Gospel.

In 2005, the congregation moved from the church's original location on Pisgah Church Road (Greensboro) to its current site. His leadership was obvious in the negotiations with developers, the site selection, the building's design, and the schedule of the move.

When he became pastor, the congregation numbered about fifty. At his retirement, the congregation averaged about four hundred, with similarly growing expansions in the budget, church staff, missionary programs, and outreach ministries. Indeed, God gave the increase.

As a father, he and Karen raised her brother and three daughters, and as a result, the family eventually grew to include fourteen grandchildren.

He retired at the end of February 2024 and assumed the role of Pastor Emeritus. The congregation used that month as a time to reflect and rejoice in God's blessings. The month ended with a dinner that brought more than four hundred together to collectively express their gratitude to Pastor Paul and Karen for their gentle and loving leadership of the congregation.

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