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Global Missions

Gospel Baptist Church is a missions-minded and missions-hearted church. We take seriously the command to take the Gospel to Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the uttermost (Acts 1:8). Therefore, we support missionaries both at home (in our Jerusalem) and abroad (the uttermost), including works on five different continents. This support consists of financial support, physical and material support, labor support and prayer support.

Financially, Gospel Baptist Church has long dedicated 25% of the annual budget to be given to missions. We recently added seven more missionaries to our existing forty-eight. Currently, $147,740 is given to missions annually.

In an effort to support our missionaries physically and materially, we are involved in a myriad of creative support efforts. Some of these include gift packages (toiletries, clothes, shoes, needed items and even a car), our Missions Closet (stocked with needed items for visiting missionaries to choose from), our Prophets Room (motel-style room located upstairs that is offered to missionaries who need a place to stay), transportation while in town, meals and planned activities for missionary families while they are in the United States, and many others.


Gospel Baptist Church is also committed to providing support in the field with short-term mission’s trips. In the past, we have travelled within the United States to Army bases and missionary churches to lead revival meetings. For the past three years, we have sent a team to Montego Bay, Jamaica in support of the missionaries located there. Those teams worked to build relationships through house repairs and community cleanup while sharing the Gospel through Bible studies and VBS. A portion of the budget this year includes money allocated towards this trip, and the short term mission’s team will hold three annual fundraisers.


There is power in prayer! Each Wednesday night, as a church, we pray for specific needs for our missionaries. We also encourage our members to pray specifically for these needs during the week. GBC would like to compile a prayer book with each of our missionaries listed and described so that members could pray through the book for each of our missionaries and the areas/people/specific needs of that region. 

Coffee For Missions

You can drink coffee and support missions at the same time. There are 2 ways to do this: 

1. Through our own missionaries, Chris and Faith Anderson. Here you can purchase coffee and support Chris & Faith Anderson's Ministry in Romania.

2. Through Trans-World Radio. Here you can purchase coffee and support missionaries around the world, including our own missionaries, Duane & Millie Gow.

Jamaica Missions

Jamaica is a land of stark contrasts... The beauty of God's handiwork is everywhere. The beaches are beautiful, the foliage is lush, the colors are magnificent and the smiles of the Jamaican people are heartwarming. On the other hand, the effects of poverty are painful, starvation is almost unavoidable, the powerful grip of sin is evident on those who are enslaved and hopeless.

The 25% Method


Since 1985, it has been a practice that our church designate 25% of its annual budget to the cause of missions, both at home and abroad. Listed below are the individuals, families, and organizations the church supports in evidence of this commitment. Church members are encouraged to regularly contact the individuals and families serving on the mission field by using email.


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