A Note from Pastor Paul & Karen

A lot of people now journal or write down what is going on in their lives in a book or notebook.  Karen has kept a journal for about 25-30 years and it has been encouraging and a blessing at times, to read back over what God has done in our lives and in the lives of our church family.  Reading about needs being met, prayers being answered, people getting saved and so forth enlarges our faith as we look back on God’s faithfulness.  But it would be interesting to see what those who journal have written down in 2020, concerning the unusual events, calamities and hardships that our world has witnessed. 

The Psalms are similar to a journal in that they record David’s and others’ thoughts, prayers and praises to God.  For example, Ps. 143 records David’s reflections at a time of trouble in his life.  In the midst of explaining his needs to God, he says this: “I remember the days of old:  I meditate on all Your works; I muse on the work of Your hands” v. 5 David was made strong in his current circumstances by remembering what God has done for him in the past. And thus the power of a written record of God’s marvelous works is demonstrated.  This gives a reason to praise Him for the past and to trust Him fully for the future.  When we call out to God for help, let us allow the works of His hands in the past, give us hope for the future.  God is in control and deserves our trust and praises. So, let us remember His goodness to us in times past as well as today!

We miss you all, are praying for you and hope that you are staying strong in your faith.


Pastor Paul and Karen

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