Nov. Connect: Letters

Dear Brothers and Sisters at Gospel Baptist Church,  What a great big awesome God that loves us.  He has done great things…where of we are ALL praising Him!  How I do keep praising Him for each of you.  Thank you for His using YOU to answer your prayers on my behalf.  This has been a great and wonder-filled journey.  Without you, I am sure it would have been a different kind.  Your prayers were answered and His amazing grace sustained me through the whole 28 days at Blumenthal’s Rehab. Thank you for all the wonderful cards, calls and other gifts.  God bless you abundantly.  Love, Lee Nall

To our sweet Church Family, Thank you all so much for the beautiful flower arrangement you sent.  Thank you also for the phone calls, text messages and cards you all took the time to send.  Mom?Pansy was an amazing lady and we will miss her so much.  We have felt your love and prayers for us in the days following her home-going.  We love you all and are so thankful God led our family to GBC. Love, BJ and Mandi & family

Dear Gospel Baptist church families, thank you for all your prayers, cards and text messages.  God is so awesome, so special, and everything great and good.  What a year for me, had pacemaker battery changed out in March, then the pandemic.  In the end of June my heart went into full atrial fibrillation. Then in September and October I had two cardioversions.  Praise God I’m in rhythm again and praising Him and witnessing for Him.  In Christ, Sarah Elledge


Pastor Paul, Karen, Pastor Harlie, Pastor Jason, Gregg, Denya and Kristy, Thank you so very much for the gift card for my retirement.  Your thoughtfulness and kindness is truly appreciated.  I am so blessed to have worked 22 years with the postal service.  And I returned to work after my “on the job accident” when doctors said I would never work again.  Praise the Lord!  Doctor also said I would lose my legs, never walk, etc. but my Great Physician knew better!  I just can’t thank Him enough!!!  Thanks again, Renee’ Kellam

To my church family, I want to thank each of you for your prayers during the time of my knee surgery and recovery.  All went well and I am so grateful and I give God the praise!  Thank you for the cards, calls, text messages and prayers.  I love and appreciate all of you. God is good!  All the time!  Pat Foust

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