Thank You Letters

We want to thank Gospel Baptist Church on behalf of our development team at Carolina University for your generous, continued giving. It is such a blessing to receive help from brothers and sisters. Carolina University is still growing, with a 146% increase in enrollment last fall, God is still working. Our next step is to receive accreditation from SACSCOC, and it is due to your generous support that we are able to do this. To God be the glory! 


Blessings, Abby Ray, executive assistant at Carolina University 


Thank you to my church family for the cards, prayers and calls during the passing of my brother. Also thank you for the donation to the Gospel Baptist Church memorial fund. 


Love in Christ, Al and Peggy Brady

On behalf of the pregnancy network, thank you, Gospel Baptist Church for the generosity shown during the recent share the change campaign. Thanks to your congregation over $1236 was raise for the pregnancy network. We are so grateful!Your generosity fuels our mission to empower women facing unplanned pregnancies and share the gospel with them! Thank you.


Blessings, Meredith Weber. 


PS We were thrilled by the participation you’ve gotten for the “walk for life!”



A special thank you to everyone who walked and or gave towards the “walk for life” pregnancy network event! 

25 people participated, including six men and four children. Our grand total donation was $1,200.00!