Love Poems & Notes

“TRUE LOVE” by Karen Luttrell

I love the Lord with all my heart! He “redeemed” my life right from the start!

It’s to Him that all the praises belong! It is my choice to rejoice and lift my voice in song! 

I love the Lord’s precious eternal word! His truth is valuable to be learned, lived and heard. 

His commands, His precepts will teach us, direct us and show us the way 

as we faithfully study them day by day.

I love the Lord and His plan for my life, a purpose, assignment, His path, His will for good and not strife.

Remembering Valentine’s Day and the sweet subject of love, 

never forget that real, true love originated from above. 

He loved me first so I’m praising my God. 

Nothing can change or lessen His love, which to some may seem really odd!

His love is overwhelming, perfect, a blessing and wonderful gift. 

His presence is precious, a help, always near, as our burdens He will lift.

To our wonderful GOD of TRUE LOVE, all praise is due and given,

Until we see you face to face in worship at home, in heaven.

“A Rose for Ruth” by Debra Jones


They say God sends a special person in your life, And at the age of five years old I was introduced To Ruth Nelson and her husband Fred. They taught. the 1st grade Sunday school class at Faith Baptist Church in Ramseur where our family attended at that time. That is where I learned about Jesus. One day when I was five years old, I told Mama that I Wanted to be saved and go to heaven. She told me the Plan of salvation and I accepted Christ as my savior. I was later baptized, they all thought I would be scared. But I knew who was looking after me. My favorite Bible Verse has always been- JOHN 3-16 My Sunday School Teacher Mrs. Ruth Nelson went home to be with Her Savior on Friday January 29, 2021 at the wonderful age of 95. She will really be missed but I know she will be in the heavenly choir. Mrs. Nelson and my Mom worked together for 17 yrs. We really loved going to See Ruth at the Alpine Health & Rehabilitation Center in Asheboro NC. She will be missed but I am so glad that she came into our lives. We loved her and without a doubt we were loved back. She was a member of Faith Baptist Church for 58 yrs.




“IF” by Nancy Williamson

Not when I get married but

If I get married and live on a hill

I will send you a kiss by the whippoorwill!

And if that husband, with me gets cross 

I'll pick up the broom and say I am the Boss!

And he'll cook supper and I will do the dishes 

and when we turn out the lights

I'll say your teeth are like stars that come out at night!


"On the Way to Gloryland" by Cynthia Sanchez


Tho I travel on life's journey, I will never be lonely.

Hills and valleys near and far away, your loving hand will guide me along the way

Struggles and trials may come my way

I can lean and call on you Lord, you're never far away.


All the while quite contrary it's all just only temporary

Whether it be ocean rise and high tide, or crossing Jordan river so wide 

I'm forever God's child, he's forever mine.

What a joy it will be God's neverfailing arms surrounding me.


I'll fall to my knees to thank him for saving me by his grace

He'll pick me up and smile.. say "welcome home my child, no more setting a pace, you've finished your race"



“There She Was” by Wayne Falls

On a warm New Years Day when on my way to shoot crows with my pals, that I first saw my gal.

We had stopped by her house to fetch a cake for one of the guys which she did make.

There she was, long brown hair to her waist, beautiful smile and looks suited my taste.

At once I knew, I had a new goal and must give chase to this creature who had captured my soul.

She was sent from Heaven I was sure it was true, as an answer to prayers for a boy that was doomed.

Fast cars and drink had haunted my past, and a reason to change had got here at last.

A few years later, we both took our vows to make a run with God at our side.

After two children and six grandchildren later, we are still going strong, thanks to our creator.

Through sickness and trials, He brought us through all. Together we stand until the day that we fall.

Many years now, I have given her my love, I went hunting for crows and landed a dove. 


Happy Valentine Day Pamela

Love POP



“Blessed” by Denya Haymore


My parents gave me my first name 

My husband gave me my last 

Jesus redeemed me from my sin

I am richly blessed with one thing more to ask God, 

thank you for this day to live for You, 

Holy Spirit, my Helper, the One who operates within 

Help me to walk obediently in His will 

May, to God, be all the glory, given! 




 “Who I Am” by Millie Butner


I am my Father’s beloved daughter

Born through the grace of Jesus.

Untouched by the human hand

I am fearfully and wonderfully made

He fashioned by delicate frame.

He knows every secret 

In my heart’s chambers

The sorrows, joy, the hurts and the pain.

He fashioned me so that as I would grow 

I’d become a child of the King.

My love for Him has no end for it has grown deeper every day

In a marvelous and wonderful way!

Yes, He is my “Valentine” 

Now to the end of time.



“Storms” by Denya Haymore


The clouds are heavy and the days overcast 

You ponder how long must you endure and will the pain last 

But remember He is faithful, the One you can trust 

He will bear your burden and fill you with joy, peace and love 

Jesus is my solid rock, the One whom I place my hope 

I testify to the world, there is beauty in the storm, so I write this note 

Depend on Him, He will lead you through the storm 

His presence and provision, you truly need nothing more 

His grace is sufficient, cast all your cares on Him 

You will experience a beauty the world could never comprehend. 

When He leads you through the other side, 

You will have an opportunity to testify

Jesus is your solid rock, the One who you place your hope 

You testify to the world, there is beauty in the storm, so you write this note







“Haven” by Denya Haymore

Dad and Mom blessed me with a wonderful childhood and safe haven 

Darrell found me a house on Fairhaven 

God opened the doors for me to serve families in GlenHaven 

Jesus is my Salvation My citizenship is in Heaven

“OUR LOVE STORY” by Karen Luttrell


It was the first day of the seventh grade when first we met

Only twelve years old but Karen’s heart and mind were set!


Paul had no idea that she saw him and said

He is going to be mine and one day we will wed!


In the 8th grade we began to go steady

Paul seemed to be getting the idea and was more ready


Phone calls, first date, proms, ball games and all, they enjoyed.

And then after graduation, there was a wedding to explore.


An apartment, school, a log house, call to ministry and more

To North Carolina, a church, much work, many adventures in store


Our children, our church, our service, trust and faith all grew

And now with 14 grandchildren, many blessings we all knew


All along the way, there was laughter, fun, joy and tears

And if we make it to next February, we celebrate 50 years

To God be the glory, great things He has done

Serving the Lord and living for Him has truly been fun




“Color is One” By Kynzie Totel


Cardinals are red and blue jays are not 

Grandma and grandpa are every color 

and they are two, as one and one is two. 



Love Sick Flu by Earl Miller Jr. (Written for and sang at our Valentine Celebration)

Some years ago I met a sweet young lady

Soon after then I started feeling strange.

I thought without a question this can’t be indigestion.

But it seemed my health had taken on a change. 

So I went to visit with my doctor 

about these symptoms he might recognize,

I get knots in my belly, my knees weak as jelly

He said boy your illness comes as no surprise.


You can’t concentrate or think, you won’t eat or sleep a wink

There’s nothing modern medicine can do,

You don’t need a EKG, you’re just full of L U V!

Cause you’ve come down with the love sick flu.


It started out with Adam in the garden

When he laid eyes on Eve and all her charm

Romeo and Juliet, there’s no vaccine for it yet.

It moves in on you like the perfect storm.


On wings that bring the Master’s Love





“The Comforter” by Millie Butner


Oh, Holy Spirit

Come this way

And ease the hurt

I have today

The enemy crept in

So unaware

To tell me that no 

One would care

So fly to me

Oh precious dove 

“God’s Love” by Jessica Millen

Orange glows of the rising suns 

Silhouetting leafless trees

Cozy blanket snuggles of loved ones

Warm liquid soothing to the soul

Winter’s reassurance of

God’s steadfast love


Sprigs of green and hues on petals

Popping out from cold dark earth

Trees producing miniature crosses

Along stark walking paths

Spring’s sentiment of 

God’s forgiving love


Echoing laughter through rainbow sprays

Glistening in intense sunshine rays

Warm breezes blowing over soft skin

As popsicle juices drizzle little mouths

Summer’s symphony of

God’s rejoicing love


Crunching steps under transformed forests

Displaying blazing color splashes

Wafting fragrances of cinnamon apple

Flooding forth memories of loved ones passed

Autumn’s assurance of

God’s enduring love


Seasonal glimpses of splendor and beauty

Reminders of 

God’s unchanging love 




“God is Good” by Kaylee Millen


God is good.

God is kind.

God will help

You all the time.

I love God.

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