Outreach Ministry at Glen Haven

We praise the Lord for literally opening doors for our church to minister to the Glen  Haven Apartment  community for the past 5 months during  COVID!  


Each month, the number of children and families have been growing and we are now building relationships with 87 children reaching 32 families!  These children are from all over the world including Burma, Thialand, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Afghanistan, Mexico, Tanzania and Uganda….and what a blessing that God has allowed our GBC outreach ministry to love and encourage these children  while also sharing the Gospel each week!  


Every Thursday, a team of 6 to 11 volunteers meet at Glen Haven to lead group activities, crafts, snacks and a Bible lesson for children and their parents.  We are doing our very best to stay safe during COVID, as everything is done outdoors and we keep asking the Lord to protect and guide us in such uncertain times.



  We are excited to report that for Christmas, the Lord provided the means for our team to bless 87 children with the following gifts:  each child  received a  new or gently-used  winter coat, a box of gently-used toys closely matching what they asked for on their wish list, a shoe box of personal hygiene and healthy snacks and the last present was a new Bible,  age-specific for each child.  


We praise the Lord for the generosity from our congregation and even some additional Christian friends in the community to make this all happen!   We thank the Lord for providing a team of volunteers and we thank them for serving in our GBC outreach ministry so our  church can love and teach these children about the most wonderful gift they can ever receive…..Jesus as Savior and Lord!  


We also want to thank 6 additional volunteers who have been working behind the scenes to prepare crafts, snacks and numerous other tasks each week!  All together, we have a total of 17 volunteers who are helping with this outreach ministry in some capacity.  We praise the Lord for  the JOY of serving these children! 



If you are interested in serving in this ministry in 2021, we have a way for your to serve.  Here are a few options:


  1. Commit to praying for the team as we go out on Thursday’s to Glen Haven (some also go on Tuesday’s to the Burmese Ministry).


  1. Become a Volunteer to go work with the children OR serve behind the scenes.

  2. Pray for a specific child and their family.    We can provide you with a picture of a child, tell you the country they are from and keep you informed on any specific prayer needs throughout the year.  



We are excited about the plans God has for this ministry in the new year.  May we all be available and ready to go as the Lord leads!  All for HIS Glory!  

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