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Saturday, January 21 at 8:00am:

Take down and put away the live nativity items; all help is welcome.


Sunday, January 22: 

Weekend Worship Services at 10am

BSF Groups at 9am & 6pm

*Sanctity of Life Sunday

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Ministry Enlistment

Volunteer enlistment for church ministries after the worship service in the Banquet Room. Find out more about the opportunities to be involved.  What has God equipped you to do in service to Him, the church, and the community?

Magenta & Peach Gender Reveal Announcement.png

Baby Shower for Caleb & Kara (Lambeth) McAruthur. 3:30-5:30pm:

It’s a girl…due in late February. They are registered at (enter their names) and at Target.

Fish Fry Flyer-2.png

Sunday is the Deadline to sign up for the Keatts BBQ Chicken Dinner Fundraiser: More info & Register Here

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