21 Days in Ephesians

Hello GBC family! Just a reminder of our 21 days in Ephesians study. We hope you are enjoying your time in the word! If you’re following along, day 7 of the study should be completed before this weekend. Pastor Jason will preach from chapters 3-4 on Saturday & Sunday and days 8-14 of the devotion will cover the same material by 9/19-20. Have a good day!

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  8/23: Chapters 1-2 Watch Full Service  |  Watch Sermon Only  |  Listen

           (Complete days 1-7 of devotion by 9/6)  

9/6: Chapters 3-4

          (Complete days 8-14 of devotion by 9/20)

  9/20: Chapters 5-6

           (Complete days 15-21 of devotion by 10/4)

Join our reading plan here: https://bible.com/p/32065222/1ede994423876709b2cc936f45304306