COVID-19 Re-Opening Communication

July 24, 2020:

Plans for Church Reopening


We are all anticipating the day when we can gather back at church.  As has been often emphasized, the priority is to do what’s wise, safe, and best…both for the congregation and for the community.  


Under the current circumstances, reopening is not a simple process.  Thus, the church staff has invested a great number of hours researching, reading, and discussing recommendations and best practices as provided by the federal, state, and local authorities, complemented by ideas from several state Baptist associations, including North Carolina.


With the state currently under continued restrictions, we’re hoping to be able to announce by the middle of August a carefully detailed and incremental plan, one which has options for everyone.  We are working with a priority in mind that makes coming to church safer than going to a retail store, restaurant, or other local business.


We appreciate your continued prayers for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom as we seek solutions moving forward.

July 15, 2020:

Hello GBC family, Thank you for your continued prayers for me during this time of rest and recovery after the stroke. 

I am wearing a heart monitor for 30 days, as they are trying to figure out what caused the stroke to help prevent another one. 

I saw the doctor on Monday and he told me to continue to rest and only walk a short distance every other day. He also said for me not to read, study or think of anything serious, I have to let my brain heal.


I was about to send this article out to everyone on the Tuesday I had the stroke two weeks ago. 


The coronavirus has divided our nation, let’s not let it divide our church. Everyone has an opinion and some of those opinions are very strong. Opinions about wearing masks, social distancing, coming back to church etc. Let’s approach each other and our differing opinions with love, kindness, understanding and patience.


Love you all, Pastor Paul

May 29, 2020:

The staff, (Dr. Miller, Pastor Jason, Gregg, Karen, Denya and I) have been researching and discussing almost every day, the possibility of re-opening the church for services under the guidelines for Church reopening. 


Using every other pew and keeping people 6 feet apart we could seat 58 individuals. That would be 116 people if everyone came in couples.

That may be what it looks like when we start back. 


For now, the staff,  along with our deacons and trustees are still thinking the wisest, safest, and best thing to do is to wait until phase 2 is over and see what phase 3 brings. Many Baptist churches in Greensboro are leaning the same way. 


We also have been watching the numbers in North Carolina and Guilford County in particular. The number of new cases of people getting sick with coronavirus is higher now than it was when the governor asked churches to close and closed the public schools in the whole state.  Also The number of hospitalizations and deaths are higher.


We are very much aware that the president said that churches are essential and we should be able to go back to meeting in the building. We agree with that and appreciate the president stating this. But that still does not answer the questions of, is it wise, is it safe, and is it best?


We know that some churches will be starting up. Some never closed but that does not make it best.

We are still more concerned with the safety of our congregation and community and doing the wise thing before the Lord than anything else.  Pleasing Him is our ultimate goal!


Thank you so much for your patience, prayers and understanding in this matter. 


Love you all, 

Pastor Paul



May 19,2020: After meeting today and working diligently to make wise decisions on behalf of our congregation and community, our staff has decided it is best to act in accordance with our governor and state health official's recommendations in regard to group meetings. 


Furthermore, before GBC opens for regular or modified services or group meetings we want to be sure that new covid-19 cases are in decline locally (Guilford and Rockingham counties) and that we are prepared to operate in a safe and organized fashion. 


We want to move forward together as a body of believers that are compassionate toward our fellow man and do our best to be a part of the solution to this pandemic. 


As we make preparations for our future opening, we are asking you to pray about ways you and your family can serve when we reach out for volunteers. 


We will continue this Sunday with online only services and events and we will be diligent in communicating our future direction weekly. 


Please pray with us as we seek to move forward with thoughtful care and wisdom. We love you and we patiently look forward to seeing you all! 





March 13, 2020: In accordance with guidelines released by our governor and state health officials, church leadership has decided to move our services to our online platform only. Our staff will conduct regular services that will launch live on our Facebook page, Sunday mornings at 10:30am, a Bible Study Sunday Evenings at 6pm & our MidWeek Service, Wednesday evenings at 7pm.


Visit our Facebook page to view these services, and connect with us digitally.


We are certainly not doing this out of a spirit of fear, but think we should comply with the recommendations of state leadership (Psalm 56:4, Romans 13:1-5, 2 Timothy 1:7). Please be in prayer with us for those who have already contracted the Coronavirus and for the limitation of its continued spread.


As the situation develops, GBC will be in touch regarding future services and events.