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Prayer List

  1. Pray for our Vacation Bible School Directors as they finish details.

  2. Pray for our Bible teachers

  3. Pray for the assembly leaders: Noah & Katie Hazelwood, Jeremy Rose, & Emily Anderson

  4. Pray for our missionaries  (Andrew & Tanesha Pryce) as we take an offering for them during VBS.

  5. Pray for refreshment leaders, recreation leaders, the imagination station leader, our sign team, the missions story teller,  our security team, secretaries, group leaders and all helpers.

  6. Pray for the transportation ministry leaders and the drivers (also the children & teens).

  7. Pray for the Christian children to grow, to receive truth and to be changed by it and live it out!

  8. Pray for the GOSPEL to pierce hearts, convict of sin and draw children and teens to Christ!

  9. Pray for protection over all of the children and workers concerning sickness and injury.

  10. Pray that God will be glorified in all of our actions, responding with love, joy and kindness.

  11. Pray for good weather.

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