Notes & Letters

Thank you to all my church families for the many months of praying for me (Sarah) about my heart condition. I still am in A-fib. I'm truly thankful for the prayers lifted up for my husband while he was in the hospital 28 days before going home to be with Jesus. This was a real shock as i expected him to get better. I know that prayers work because I can feel the power and love. 

Thank you all for the beautiful wreath and the delicious food and paper products. 


In Christ Sarah Elledge, Denise Morris, Paul Elledge




Dear church family, you are precious to me… Everyone of you… No other church like you… You are so loving and caring of one another. Thank you for being my church! Thank you for the IBM wheel writer - a very special gift of a wonderful typewriter… I pray that our Lord Jesus will bless you by opening the windows of heaven and pour out blessings so much he won’t be able to contain them.

Thanks for your prayers and for your support so I can serve Him the one I love most.

What you have done for me… Went into His book in heaven- Hebrews 6:10. 


I love you and pray for you, daily.


Lee Nall




Dear Church Family, 

With sincere appreciation, thank you for our 50th wedding anniversary celebration!! Your attendance, the delicious meal, all the sweet cards and gifts were such a blessing and encouragement to both of us and to our family.

Thank you for our gift certificate to the “Cove” also! We look forward to that special time away for spiritual nourishment. 

We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and loving church family! 

We also thank the Lord and give Him ALL the glory for HIS blessings on our marriage, family, home and church.


Love, Pastor Paul and Karen




Gospel Baptist Church, 

Thank you so much for the love and support during this difficult time. Thank you for donating Bibles in memory of Danny. We appreciate you all so much!


The Hazelwood Family