Notes & Letters

Dear GBC family, 


Thank you for the love and encouragement you poured over us during out time in the states. We were so blessed and enjoyed seeing everyone.


Thank you for all of your support and being part of the ministry in Romania during all these years. We love you and will miss you. 


Chris, Faith, and all the kids




Pastor Paul and GBC, 


Thank you all for your prayers and support as I recovered from my knee surgery. I appreciate that you all were thinking about me and my recovery. I also appreciate all the love and support that you displayed to my parents as your congregants. 


Thank you! Austin Laws



Church Family 


Thank you so much for the food,cards,calls and visits. It warmed out hearts.

Most of all thank you for remembering us and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.



Peggy and Joan Snyder




Dear Gospel Baptist Church,


The Pathways Center is celebrating 40 years of serving families! This would not be possible without the community around us and partners like you who have faithfully served us throughout the years. Thank you for the many ways that you have generously and thoughtfully served the Pathways center and the families here. We are so grateful for your partnership with us, and we look forward to hopefully continuing to serve alongside you for years to come. Thank you again! 


Sincerely, the Pathways Center