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Notes & Letters - January 2023

I praise God, what a church! Sincerely I praise Him for you. Praying for you that you are close to the Lord Jesus Christ and that you can hear Him breathing. Nothing in this world could ever replace His presence. Thank you for every prayer. You have been faithful to pray and to support financially and I do not take it for granted. I pray for you daily, whether you need it or not.  


I love you so much, thank you for the good food and all the encouraging cards. I appreciate all that you do for me and all that you do for the Lord Jesus Christ and for all you do for others that do not attend our church.


Thank you for praying about my continued service with Friends of Israel. I enjoy my service for the Lord. It’s hard, after 52 years to understand why the Lord would call me to serve Him!


Thank you also for praying about my eye! After six months of injections, there is no difference.  


Still ONLY in HIS Name’s same, Lee Nall 





Merry Christmas! I absolutely love this season. I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your faithfulness in frame and giving me wonderful surprises. The sunshine basket was so full of treats! I love them all and the stew was very good. Thank you! I hope each one of you have a wonderful Christmas. 

Love, India Stone





Dear loved ones at Gospel Baptist Church, thank you so very much for all your cards, calls and special gifts. I was shocked when I saw the check from HIS ministry and the church!   I lifted it up in my hands as an offering to our Lord and ask for His direction and how best to use it. “Thank you “seems so inadequate but please know it is from the depth of my heart. 


Thank you to the Carolers who came by Sunday night. I always enjoy having them come! Thanks also for the lovely, warm socks, candy and calendar. They are all reminders of you and your loving concern for me. 


My love in Christ, Nancy Meyer





Dear Church Family. 

Thank you for the food you dropped by the house. We  thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought a smile to our face knowing that you care so much. The fruit bowl that the children made was an added treat. Thank you for blessing us this Holiday Season. 


Love and Prayers,  

Joan and Peggy Snyder

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