Text Communications

Hello Gospel Baptist Church family,

Thank you again for your continued prayers for me regarding the stroke I had on June 30. 


I want to give you a medical update since I saw the neurologist, Medical Doctor & received results from the heart monitor this past week.


The heart monitor showed no reason for a stroke. From the doctors deductions they believe this was from a lifetime of accumulated stress and some recent stresses. 


The Stroke caused short and long term memory loss and the Doctor wants me to start memory therapy.  This was the first time that the doctor mentioned long term memory loss.  


They Do not want me to go back to work until I see the Doctor again in a month and it may take longer than that. And then, consider part time at first. There are still a lot of unknowns but I start the memory therapy this Tuesday. 


I wanted to give you the information that I have at this point. 


I am still feeling well and the biggest factor is fatigue which is normal after a stroke.  I was glad that they recommended the memory therapy.


The staff is doing a great job while I am on medical leave. I really appreciate it and I know that all of you do as well.  Keep them all in your prayers. 


Love in Christ, 

Pastor Paul