Community Blood Drive

Gospel Baptist Church has been hosting two blood drives per year for our community for the  past 4 years but this drive will be different due to COVID-19.  We will be using the Big Red Bus Mobile unit in our parking lot instead of our church facility.  


This Mobile drive is Monday, October 19th. Appointments are available from

2pm-7pm.  Even though the experience will feel different to those who donate, the end result will still have a life-saving impact!  


We are thankful to use One Blood as they are the primary blood supplier to our region’s hospitals and now that the hospitals are resuming more procedures, the demand for blood product will also increase accordingly.  One pint of whole blood can save up to 3 lives.  



Donor information: 

ID is required.  Donors who are 16 years old need parental permission.  

For additional questions, please contact Denya Haymore at or go here    

Also, please watch the video to see the precautions and social distancing measures that One Blood has implemented due to COVID-19.