The Book of Acts

Meeting Times:

   Sunday Mornings at 9:15am

Meeting Dates:

   April 7 - June 23, 2019


   Room 206-207


   Dr. Harlie Miller

Age Range:

   Adults. Anyone 18+

About the Class:

It has all the elements of an epic travel adventure…a small group moving through harsh environments while struggling against overwhelming odds, heart-pounding moments of life-and-death, midnight escapes, and legal, political, and religious intrigue…all happening around the ultimate clash of good and evil.  The success of the group will impact people and nations for eternity, while defeat could bring an end to hope and faith for mankind.


You’re invited to join in on Sunday mornings at 9:15, starting in April for a 12-week study as we read and learn about the exciting adventures recorded in the Book of Acts.  See how the courage, conviction, and grit of a small band of believers brought hope to the continents and still serves to inspire new generations of adventurers who seek to be victorious in difficult challenges.